WithinWire is a small Oahu based company handcrafting modern and bohemian beach jewelry showcasing handpicked sea glass and shells from Hawaii's beaches. It started as simple walks along the shoreline to help treat my back injury until I found beautiful treasures buried in the sand. With inspiration from a friend to learn jewelry making I soon started creating jewelry for friends and family.  I've developed this website to share my creations and give purpose to making more unique designs. I design each piece to reflect the natural beauty of the islands and share the salty tropical days with my customers. Mahalo for visiting our site and supporting our vision.




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Anna Romano

Creator, Owner

Lab manager during the day and artist at night. Biological oceanographer melding her technical day job with her love of the ocean to make intricate jewelry pieces.

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Michael Romano

Photographer, Website

Super talented digital imaging technician on film sets "strawberrycolor". He shares his knowledge to help his wife achieve her dreams. 

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Megan Romano

Office Dog

Megan's mission in life is adventure! She loves the beach and reminds everyone to enjoy life to it's maximum.